Introducing Carbon Warrior – the environmental arm of the Frame and Truss Manufacturers Association of Australia (FTMA) created to help tackle the fight against climate change. Together, building operations and construction account for nearly 40% of global energy-related CO2 emission. Studies show that by using renewable materials, the building and construction industry can significantly reduce this number and help slow down the effects of climate change.

Carbon Warrior aims to help Create a Greener Future. How? By minimising the negative impacts, the building and construction sector has on climate change.

This project will highlight the urgency and importance of climate action within the built environment.

One of the easiest ways you can make a difference is through the choice of materials and currently timber is the most prominent and versatile building material that provides an answer to the climate crisis.

In fact, according to the UNEP’s International Resources Panel, emissions from the material cycle of residential buildings in the G7 and China could be reduced by at least 80 per cent in 2050 through a series of material efficiency strategies.

FTMA created our environmental arm after the GlobalABC Roadmap for Buildings and Construction (2020-2050), a document created by the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (GlobalABC), International Energy Agency (IEA), and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) listed one of the key actions to support a zero-emission, efficient and resilient buildings and construction sector as:

Governments and industry coalitions should craft narratives that promote good practices, such as the use of digital information systems for building operations and energy use, effective data collection, or the use of traditional low-carbon materials.

Through Carbon Warrior, FTMA will address this key action, as the project aims to craft a narrative that promotes the use of traditional low-carbon materials, i.e., timber. The project aims to broaden the awareness of the benefits of biomaterials, particularly timber by sharing facts and case studies from around the world that show the importance of timber in the fight against climate change.

Timber use in the built environment helping in the fight against climate change

Effective policies and regulations promoting the use of timber and other renewable materials are being implemented around the world to assist the built environment lower their impact on climate change (see more on Global Carbon Warriors).

The rest of the world is understanding the importance of timber, it is now time for Australia to wake up and realise timber’s potential. Carbon Warrior will endeavour to help Australia create and implement policies, like the four steps in the Carbon Warrior policy proposal, Four Steps Towards a Greener Future, that promote the use of timber and other renewables in the built environment to tackle the climate crisis and help minimise the negative impacts of this industry. 

Be a Carbon Warrior, choose renewables

and help create a greener future for all